Food for Thought: Fast Food and Children

Posted on Feb 26, 2013

The type of food a child is introduced to in his early years determines the kind of food he will crave throughout life. That’s why children in France or Italy have very different food preferences than children in America.

The fast food industry knows this and spends a large amount of its time marketing to children. A child raised on a diet high in fat, salt, and sugar will crave those things throughout his or her years.

Plus there’s the smell factor. About 75% of taste comes from smell, and smell has a powerful ability to bring back memories. The smell of fast food can immediately take an adult back to the warm, happy memories of childhood. A meal at McDonald’s becomes a walk down memory lane and a source of comfort after a long day.

It’s rather simple for the fast food industry: Get a child hooked on fast food and that child will most likely be a customer for life.

So, what kind of flavors and traditions will you introduce to your toddler?