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Cookbook Review: The Silver Palate

The Silver Palate Cookbook

This is another family favorite. An endless number of the recipes have become part of our seasonal rotation. The entire book has a very New England feel to it, which is probably why we’ve loved it for so many years. And it really has everything, from soups and pastas, salads and seafood, desserts and baked goods. Every time I open it, I discover a new recipe that I can’t wait to try. If you want a good, all-around cookbooks, this is it.



The copy photographed above was my grandmother’s and now belongs to me. It is falling apart, but I love it because it has my grandmother’s notes inside (plus I love old books).


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Roasted Asparagus

My favorite way to eat asparagus. Simple yet delicious.


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

Arrange the asparagus on a baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Bake for 10-12 minutes (or longer for fatter stalks).




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Ohio Asparagus!

Today was the first outdoor Worthington Farmers’ Market of the year. And what better way to celebrate spring than by buying fresh asparagus?

I look forward to asparagus every year, and I can’t wait to start cooking with these beautiful bundles. Expect many asparagus recipes soon!


Asparagus from: Dangling Carrot Farm and Northridge Organic.

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Homemade with Love: Lentil Meatballs

It’s time, once again, to review another cookbook.

Homemade with Love by Jennifer Perillo.

I don’t actually own this one, but I saw it at work and immediately knew that I had to try the lentil meatball recipe. It was amazing. I’ve tried making lentil meatballs before, but they were just okay. These are so perfect that I didn’t even change the recipe (and that’s saying something). I can’t wait to buy this cookbook and try even more recipes.

So go ahead and head over to Jennie’s blog and try her Lentil Meatballs. Just do it.

Here’s how mine looked:

lentil meatballs

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