A Thought about Healthy Eating

Posted on Aug 19, 2013

I’ve noticed something lately. It seems, to me, that many people are stuck in a never-ending cycle. They complain about being tired, about being depressed, about feeling sick, about not having any energy. All the while, they eat something sugary for breakfast (if they eat breakfast at all), followed by a sugary latte or energy drink or pop. They talk about dieting, about giving up carbs, about eating healthy. By lunch they’ve crashed from all of the sugar, yet still reach for another energy drink, sometimes forgo lunch.

I can’t help but wonder at which point in life does this cycle change? If it doesn’t happen in your twenties, surely it will be harder to change once you hit your thirties. And then parenthood comes (if it hasn’t already) and suddenly you have children to nourish. But how can you nourish a child if you can’t properly nourish yourself? How can you feed a child “kid food” and expect them to pick up healthier habits when they get older, the very healthy habits you struggle with yourself?

And why is it such a norm for Americans to reach a certain age and suddenly have to start relying on an entire range of pills to survive?

What if people just started to eat food. Real food. Throw away the pop, the energy drinks, the sugary snacks, the processed meals. Say no to fast food and save the lattes for special treats, not daily drinks.

What if people woke up every day, ate a healthy breakfast and had enough energy to run several miles. What would we accomplish, as a civilization, if people woke up more energetic and happier every day?

What if we throw away the concept of “kid food.” Instead of feeding kids chips, pop, hotdogs, french fries, sugary cereals and juices, we instead teach them, from birth, to love fruits and vegetables and the real food that will actually nourish their body, not hinder it?

What if people went into parenthood and old age with the healthiest body possible?

It’s just a thought.