About Me and My Recipes

Hello and welcome to my food blog. As you might guess, this is the place where I ramble about how much I love food and how much I love to cook. Let me start with a disclaimer. I’m not a trained chef, nutritionist, or expert in anyway. I’m just a twenty-something year old girl who loves to eat.

And a fair warning to all: I’m a runner, and I’m part-Italian, so don’t expect to find any low carb recipes on here. I don’t cook to be skinny. I cook food so I have energy to run, so that I’m healthy and feel good, and so that I can hopefully live a long, happy life. So come on, let’s talk about food!

My recipes are not tested by anyone but my own family members.

I don’t like to measure, so sorry about the lack of measurements in many of my recipes.

Want to see my photography? Check out my website: http://www.kellymariataylor.com/